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Today, I’m excited to share the indispensable tools I use daily for running my successful photography business. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just embarking on your photography career, these tools come highly recommended.

  1. Dubsado – The Efficient CRM System for Photographers: Managing workflows, contracts, forms, invoices, and overall client relations is crucial in photography. I use Dubsado, an all-in-one solution that keeps my operations streamlined and organized.
  2. Pic-time – Digital Gallery Delivery System for Quality Prints: This is an invaluable tool for photographers, including those practicing In-Person Sales (IPS). Pic-time allows me to deliver digital photos swiftly and offer lab-quality prints to clients.
  3. Photoshop – A Photographer’s Editing Companion: The choice of editing software can vary, but personally, I edit approximately 98% of my images using Photoshop. Its advanced tools bring my artistic vision to life.
  4. CaptureOne – The Choice for Raw Image Processing: Before editing in Photoshop, I process raw images in CaptureOne. Its intuitive interface and powerful tools make my photography workflow much more efficient.
  5. Plann – Automating Instagram Posting for Photographers: In the social media-driven world, an Instagram scheduler like Plann helps keep my presence consistent and engaging.
  6. Showit – Specialized Website Design for Photographers: Showit offers tailored website designs for photographers. A professional website is crucial to showcasing work and attracting potential clients.
  7. Flodesk – Essential Email Marketing Tool for Photographers: Email marketing remains vital. With Flodesk, I own and maintain contact with my subscriber base, offering an invaluable connection in the competitive photography business.

Each tool is an integral part of my daily operations. As you navigate your photography journey, I hope you find this information beneficial. Feel free to share your experiences or ask any questions in the comments!

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