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As a woman, I know what it's like to lose yourself. I am so often being a mother, wife, a business woman, that I often lose myself and put everyone and everything before me.

I promise to create a special photography experience that will produce stunning photographs, timeless albums, and beautiful wall art for you. From the moment you arrive, the focus will be making you as comfortable as possible. Every part of your experience will be tailored to your preferences, ranging from music to wardrobe. I will uplift and empower you by capturing you in moments that exude confidence, beauty, and strength. Your photos will tell your story and be a reflection of all that makes you unique and wonderfully made.

I'm Denisha

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a girl knows her limits but a wise girl knows she has none.


Love, Denisha

I’m known for helping women feel confident and beautiful, but it took a journey of discovery for me to get there for my MYSELF. Confidence in business and life did not come easy for me at first. Growing up, I wasn't the typical “pretty girl”. I played basketball and was thought of by my peers as a “tomboy”. I know first hand what it is to not feel "beautiful" because you don't meet society's standards.

When shooting women I want every woman to feel like a supermodel; to feel in that moment
that they are the most beautiful they’ve ever been. I want each and every woman I work with to feel empowered.

I’ve taken a path to entrepreneurship that took me from failure to sustained success. What I discovered on my journey is that seeing yourself at the peak of your beauty and confidence can be a game changer for your LIFE; not just your business.. And now I work with women of all walks of life to craft gorgeous photos and they can't wait to show off!

My story

"the most revolutionary thing a woman can do is not explain herself"
-glennon doyle
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