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Denisha McCauley Photography specializes in fashion editorial, bold, & colorful family photography. Our Louisville, KY photo studio has several studio sets for family portraits.
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A personal brand session is all about capturing the personality and heart behind your Louisville, KY business. With headshots, the focus is simply capturing your portrait, most often on a plain background which can make you look like everyone else.

In this modern age, people are oversaturated with information making it harder for your small business to standout.  My business photography style is bold, modern, with a splash of lifestyle fashion. Professional photos can do wanders for your social media. Since you only have a few seconds to capture one's attention, you want to make sure that your brand is represented in a bad-ass way! With a branding session we'll still grab a few headshots for you to use in your business, but we dive deeper into the story of what you do and why you do it! We capture the details of your business, lifestyle photos, photos of you in action, your products etc. We'll customize your branding photo session to the type of business you run and the story you wish to tell about your brand through your photos.

If this sounds like what you need for your business, then the next step would be fill out contact form so we can get phone consultation scheduled.  After you book I will send over a business questionnaire to learn more about your business and start planning the shoot.

Headshots vs branding photography

I work with some amazing beauty professionals here in Louisville,KY. Once booked, I send a recommendation list and I strongly recommend professional makeup. Makeup makes a huge difference when it comes to photos.

You will receive your family photos within 2 weeks.

Location, location, location! Choosing a location for your photo shoot is important because it will set the tone for your shoot and impact the look and feel of your photos. Choose locations that are on-brand for your business and don’t be afraid to look for new places that have an atmosphere that can uplevel your brand. You’ll likely shoot a variety of photos in 1-3 different locations. Some clients take their photos at my Louisville photography studio, others take photos at their business space. Location depends on your business needs.

During the personal branding session we will take headshots if needed. Before your photo session, I send a shot list with ideas to inspire you to think more about your business as a brand.

Do you offer professional make up and hair for my photo shoot?

how long will it take to receive my pictures?

Where are the photos taken?

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Can I also get headshots during branding photo sessions?

What you wear in your photos is a reflection of your brand and overall business, so dress accordingly! Is your brand edgy? Is it educatiuonal? Sporty? Think about some adjectives that you use when speaking of your business and imagine some outfits that correspond that. Your attire should complement your overall vibe and give a powerful first impression. Depending on the photo package you select, most of my small business owners wear between 2-4 outfits. You will receive a what to wear guide with some of my best tips.

What should I wear for my business brand photos?

Most of my clients utilize their branding photos for social media, website, and printed branding materials such as flyers and business cards.

Where can I use these photos?

-photo session
-Studio/ On-Location
-Session Prep Guide
-Photoshoot Moodboard & Shot List
-Posing & Direction Guide
-Unlimited Looks in Time Allotted
- Retouched Images
-Private Online Gallery

What is included in my branding photo session?

I offer different packages ranging from 1.5 hrs to a half day session (4 hours)

How long is a branding photo sessions?

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