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I'm Denisha, the woman behind the lens and design work. I'm currently living my entrepreneur life in Louisville, Ky. When I'm not taking photos of everyday  women, I love  spending time with my hubby, daughter, and cane corso puppy. Confidence in business and life did not come easy for me at first.  Growing up, I wasn't the pretty girl. I was perceived as the "tomboy" because I played basketball. I know that it is like to not feel "beautiful" because you don't meet society's standards. When shooting women I want every woman to feel like a model. I want each and every woman to feel empowered. I failed entrepreneurship the first time around. What I discovered on my journey is that getting on camera can be a game changer not only for your business, but your confidence as well. And now I work with women of all walks of life to craft gorgeous personal branding photos and design they can't wait to show off!

photographer, mentor, designer,  entrepreneur, wife & momma in Louisville

Hey, I'm Denisha